Petition Drive Launched in Support of Denver Initiative to Allow Limited Social Marijuana Use – Yes on 300

DENVER — The Campaign for Limited Social Use launched its petition drive Thursday in support of a Denver city initiative that would allow the use — but not sale — of marijuana at commercial establishments in areas restricted to individuals 21 or older.

The measure is being backed by key members of the 2012 Amendment 64 campaign team, including campaign co-directors Mason Tvert and Brian Vicente.

Under the proposed measure, businesses that have a license to sell alcohol for onsite consumption would be able to decide whether to allow cannabis consumption on the premises. Businesses that choose to allow only cannabis consumption (without licensed alcohol consumption) would be subject to regulation by the city, including restrictions on location and hours of operation. All commercial establishments that allow adults to use marijuana would be required to comply with the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.

The campaign must collect 4,726 signatures of registered Denver voters by early August in order to qualify the measure for the November 2015 ballot.

“Marijuana is a legal product for adults in Denver that is much safer than alcohol,” Tvert said. “Adults should have the right to consume it socially with other adults in commercial establishments that choose to allow it. We also need to ensure that adults who visit Denver and purchase marijuana legally have a place where they can consume it legally.”

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