Proponents of Denver Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative to Announce They Will Withdraw Measure

Decision comes after city and business leaders agree to work with proponents to develop a social cannabis consumption law that reflects the interests and concerns of all stakeholders

* Statements below from the initiative proponents, City Councilman Albus Brooks, the Colorado Restaurant Association, and the Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association *

DENVER — Proponents of a Denver city initiative to allow limited social marijuana consumption in commercial establishments announced Thursday that they intend to withdraw the measure prior to it being certified for the November ballot.

The decision comes after city and business leaders agreed to work with initiative backers to develop a social cannabis consumption law that reflects the interests and concerns of all stakeholders. Proponents engaged in productive discussions with several city officials, including city council members, City Attorney Scott Martinez, and Executive Director of Marijuana Policy Ashley Kilroy, as well as representatives from the Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association/Metro Denver Lodging Association, the Colorado Restaurant Association, and the Downtown Denver Partnership.

The Campaign for Limited Social Cannabis Use collected more than twice the number of signatures needed to place the initiative on the November ballot, and the Denver City Clerk was expected to certify the campaign’s petition Friday.

Statement from the proponents of the Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative:

“After a challenging five-week signature gathering process, we are not approaching the withdrawal of this initiative lightly. We believe in the language we put forward and that adults who consume cannabis deserve the same freedoms to congregate and socialize as those who consume alcohol. We were persuaded, however, by members of the political and business communities, who requested participation in this process. We look forward to working with them to find a solution amenable to all parties. If we reach a stalemate, and we hope we won’t, we will have the option of placing a new measure on the ballot in 2016, when the electorate will be more favorable for our cause.”

Statement from Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks:

“This decision ensures we now have the time and ability to include interested stakeholders to reach consensus on this important issue. I am committed to working on a broadly acceptable solution.”

Joint statement from the Colorado Restaurant Association and the Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association/Metro Denver Lodging Council:

“We appreciate the willingness of the proponents of the Limited Social Cannabis Use initiative to withdraw their measure so we have the opportunity to work collaboratively on this matter. Our respective industries are committed to working with the proponents and the city to find a solution that reflects the interests and concerns of all stakeholders. We look forward to future conversations.”